**** Invasionrun 5K and Meeting ****

The Invasion Run 5k | Provo Utah

The following transmission was intercepted by the Invasion Run team satellite and then transcribed…(okay not really)

Greetings Earthlings! Since last years reaping we have been looking forward to once again taking over your planet (nothing personal). We are bringing reinforcements. This year’s Invasion will be BIGGER! BOLDER! SLIMIER! INVASIONIER…ER…ER! Only the fearless will survive. You will need courage to run through Area 51, you must be quick minded to make it through the corn fields, and finally you will need a strong stomach to wade through the unearthly goop of the slime zone. If you choose to meet us on UFO landing pad and enter the mother ship, remember you would be wise not to come alone…WE WILL TAKE NO PRISONERS. Now is the time to find the inner alien in you and prepare for the greatest race in the galexy…alexy…alexy…alexy…alexy

Special thanks goes to AmericanSignLetters for helping us put together our signage on race day. It’s great having contributions from companies like this.

With Love From:
The Martian Dark Lord